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iFreeTools Creator - Online Database Application Builder

for Google App Engine

iFreeTools Creator our custom online database application builder, is built from the ground-up for hosting your database applications over Google App Engine. iFreeTools Creator allows users to define their data-model as entities (equivalent to "tables" as in databases, or "sheets" in spreadsheets) and attributes ("fields" / "columns") and to start using the database app within minutes.

Users would require nothing more than a Google user account, to sign-in and start using the application.

The app will provide automatic forms, list views, calendar views, charts based on the data-model. All database changes are automatically recorded via Audits.

iFreeTools Creator has built-in integration with many Google services, so that your database app can automatically leverage those services. The current integration with Google services are as listed below..

  • Google Contacts - import contact details from Google Contacts directly into your custom database application or upload records from database, back into Google Contacts.
  • Google Docs - search and attach files from within Google Docs, to database records.
  • Google Maps - mark geographic locations using Google Maps and search for database records based on proximity to a specific record or location.
  • Google Apps - apart form allowing your Google Apps user to login using their accounts, you can also map the application to your sub-domain using Google Apps.
  • Google App Engine - while we have the free version hosted on our Google App Engine account, you can also have the app hosted in your own Google App Engine account, by going for our single-tenant deployments.

Other features available in iFreeTools Creator include custom views, custom actions, fine-grained access control using Auth Profiles and more.

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Zoho Creator - Certified Developer & Certified Solutions Provider

We are a Certified Developer & Certified Solutions Provider for Zoho Creator.

We have experience in extending the capabilities of Zoho Creator using helper applications. For example, to

    • generate custom formatted PDF, DOCX, XLSX files,
    • parse custom formatted data files,
    • generate or update image (PNG/JPG) files,
    • directly importing such files into Zoho Creator via API, etc.,.

While such advanced features can be enabled using helper apps hosted for free on Google App Engine (or using Zapier), the features are integrated seamlessly, to work well within Zoho Creator.

Email us your requirements at and we will help you get the perfect app for your organization's business requirements.

Other projects provides details of public transport options within the Chennai city, in an easily navigable/searchable database of commuting options for using using MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) Buses, Suburban Train services. takes a locality-centric approach to finding the routes, rather than limiting itself to specific bus stages. This is more useful when you are not sure of the stage names (like for example, there is no stage name called “Ashok Nagar” or “West Mambalam” in the MTC bus stages), but with you can find..

Buses-or-Trains/Connecting/Ashok Nagar

Buses-or-Trains/Connecting/West Mambalam

Once you reach the locality, you can always use an auto-rickshaw for a shorter commute to your specific destination.

The search feature is not just limited to locality based queries - one can even query based on the prominent roads. For now bus-stages in Mount Road, OMR, ECR, NSK Salai and Poonamallee High Road have been indexed. This enables switching buses at convenient points on those roads to reach the required destination.

You can search for options like..

Proceed to

Other projects owned and operated by Sahasvat include..

Apartments, Semi-Independent, Independent Homes is focussed on providing a searchable database of Apartments, Semi-Independent and Independent Homes. This listing service is provided free of cost. To enlist your project or in case you have any queries, kindly get in touch with us

Hostels, PGs, Serviced Apartments is focussed on providing details on affordable accommodation. We strive to maintain an easily searchable database of Hostels, Paying-Guest accommodation, Bed and Breakfast (B&B) and Serviced Apartments. To enlist your place, login with a Google account and add the details. You can also update your details at any time, using the same login. This listing service is provided free of cost.

Wedding venue and Services to help organize your wedding. provides an easily searchable database of wedding venues, photographers, venue decorators, beauticians and more. This listing service is provided free of cost. To enlist your venue/service or in case you have any queries, kindly get in touch with us