About Us

Founded in October 2008 by Rajkumar Radhakrishnan (Raj), Sahasvat Technologies is a proprietorship firm which strives to leverage the latest technologies to offer affordable SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications.

Raj has over 22 years experience in building software products and multi-tenant online services. He is proud of his journey at AdventNet (now Zoho Corp), where he joined as a Trainee in the Web NMS team and went on to become a Software Architect responsible for bringing out an online SaaS-based application for remote network management. He "graduated" after 100 months at Zoho, to venture out on his own start-up.For more details on Raj's professional experience, kindly refer to his LinkedIn Profile.

Sahasvat Technologies uses Google services (primarily Google Apps and Google App Engine) in bringing these affordable online services to customers; but is not affiliated to Google.

Our office is located at Velachery, Chennai, India.